In Development

Digital Edition of the Siege D’Antioche

The Siege of Antioch Project is a collaborative effort between UK scholars and Fordham’s Center for Medieval Studies to produce a full digital edition and translation of an epic crusade romance that relates the story of the siege of Antioch during the first crusades. The UK team will be responsible for providing the transcribed and translated text, while students at Fordham will encode the text into TEI compliant XML and develop a platform to publish the finished work. The Fordham team is supervised by Dr. Nicholas Paul, Director of the Center for Medieval Studies. The UK team includes Dr. Linda Patterson (University of Warwick), Dr. Carol Sweetenham (Independent Scholar), and Dr. Simon Parsons (King’s College, London).


French of Outremer Legal Texts in Translation

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For nearly two years, a group of scholars have joined in a series of translation sessions hosted under the auspices the French of Outremer Legal Texts working group.  Members of this group, who bring their expertise in Old French, Crusades history, the history of the French language, and medieval law, have now translated a total of three Old French legal treatises, all of which date to the mid-thirteenth century and were written on the island of Cyprus by members of the Western-Christian aristocracy who settled there after the third Crusade. The final product of our three initial translations will appear soon.