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These projects take advantage of emerging technology and increasing interest in podcasts and audio guides as approaches to scholarship.

Medieval New York seeks to create an immersive experience with interactive materials for understanding the medieval, understood in its broadest sense, in New York City. The project identifies, describes, and catalogs the medieval in New York, and crafts itineraries that allow New Yorkers or visitors to experience the city in a new way. The aim of the project is to promote engagement with diverse communities, both within and outside of academia, allowing them to experience the influences and echoes of the medieval period in the context of their modern, everyday environments.


Project Status: In Development

The Latin East is currently in development

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Project Status: In Development

The French of England introduces the field of Anglo-Norman and Anglo-French texts written in the Middle Ages. This significant documentary corpus composed in the Frenches of England contains well over one thousand texts, which are the subject of much important recent work by literary scholars, linguists, and historians.

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Project Status: Active