Technical Workflow

The Outremer Map Exhibit is powered by Omeka, a free open-source platform that was initially created to curate online exhibits. See our general technical workflow for more information about our use of Omeka.  Much of the technical work for this project was similar to what was done for the French of Italy map.

Because the collaborators on this project had more specific roles than for the French of Italy project (for example, Tobias Hrynick was mostly responsible for the data collection), we were able to use some of Omeka’s labor-saving plugins more easily. We used Omeka’s CSV import plugin, which allowed us to upload a large number of records simultaneously from a CSV spreadsheet. This plugin caused problems when the spreadsheet was created in Microsoft Excel, but worked well when the spreadsheet was downloaded from Google Sheets. Once the records were in Omeka, we were also able to bulk-import them into Neatline, though we still broke the links between the records and edited Neatline’s popup bubbles by hand.

Our exhibits use these plugins:


Neatline Widget – NeatlineSIMILE Timeline

Exhibit Builder


CSV Import


Simple Contact Form