Lesson II




Compare the maps depicted here and here to the Outremer Map and answer the following questions:

1.  How do the maps from the links relate to the maps you considered in lesson 1?

2.  What features do each of the maps above share with the Outremer Map?

3.  Now consider the maps depicted here and here. Click through some of the pages in the first map and some of the “days” in the second. What is the purpose of each map?

Note: The first of the two links above is to an itinerary created by Matthew Paris (the same Matthew Paris who is believed to have created the Outremer Map). For a brief introduction to his itinerary maps, read here and here.  You can also see the routes of Paris’ itinerary from London to Rome (the first leg of the trip to Jerusalem) plotted on a scaled map here.

4. What significant similarities and differences can you find between the kind of information depicted on the Outremer Map and on each of these? (Note: You may want to pay attention to the travel distances that Matthew Paris included on the Outremer Map.) What do all three have in common? What characteristics does the Outremer Map share with one or the other of the itinerary maps? What does this suggest to you about how the Outremer Map might have been used in the 13th century?