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We welcome input and suggestions on our project.

Please email medievals (at) fordham (dot) edu, or use the form below to send us your recommendations, and we will happily consider including them. Information with citations is especially welcome. 

Digital humanities has been a part of work at the Center for Medieval Studies since the launch of our first project in 1996. From interactive maps to online sourcebooks, digital pedagogy and more, the Center for Medieval Studies hosts over a dozen active and archived digital projects. 

You can explore all the Center’s medieval digital projects on our website.

Contacting Medieval Digital Projects

For general inquiries, please contact our webmaster, Maryanne Kowaleski, at kowaleski (at) fordham (dot) edu
For technical inquiries, please contact our digital resources director, Katherina Fostano at kfostano (at) fordham (dot) edu

The Center for Medieval Studies can be contacted at medievals (at) fordham (dot) edu


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