Mapping Projects

Independent Crusaders Mapping Project

Project Manager: Dr. Laura Morreale
Supervising Scholar: Dr. Nicholas Paul and Dr. James Doherty

Following the success of the First Crusade many individuals made the arduous journey from Western Europe to Jerusalem, independent of the major expeditions that have come down to us as the numbered Crusades. The evidence for these individuals’ journeys is scattered in charters, chronicles and letters from across the lands of Western Europe. The this project assembles the relevant charters in a digital platform to invite scholars and students to explore the different circumstances surrounding medieval travelers’ departures for the Holy Land, and to pose questions about what it meant in a medieval context to go on crusade.

The first edition of ICMP was archived in 03-30-2018, to access the Archiving Dossier Narrative and additional project documentation, please visit

Oxford Outremer Map Project

Project Manager: Dr. Laura Morreale
Project Editor and Supervising Scholar: Dr. Nicholas Paul

This project utilizes digital tools and the open global forum of the internet to bring to light a neglected medieval intellectual and cultural artifact.  The map was made or copied by an English monk named Matthew Paris who died in 1259.  Colors from two paintings on the reverse of the map have bled through, making it difficult to see Matthew’s drawings, labels, and notes.

This collaborative project created by faculty, graduate students, and visiting fellows at the Center for Medieval Studies produces a clearer image of the map to facillitate its study and gathers information about the represented places in a database.  Essays introduce the interactive map and explain how the project approached different kinds of spatial information.  The project also offers teaching modules on medieval cartography.

The French of Italy TimeMap

Project Manager: Dr. Laura Morreale

This site incorporates textual, geographic, and temporal data to plot the production of French-language texts in Italy spatially and chronographically.  Mapped points link to our French of Italy database to supplement the geo-temporal visualization with bibliographical and explanatory pages on the corpus.  By inviting users to interact with the data about medieval literary production across Italy in the form of map-reading, the project reveals a larger picture of this moment in literary history than has previously been afforded by national philological traditions.

The French of Italy Time Map was archived in 1-14-2019, to access the Archiving Dossier Narrative and additional project documentation please visit

Exploring Place in the French of Italy

Project Manager: Dr. Laura Morreale
Visualization and Data Collection Lead; Contributing Author: Heather V. Hill

This site maps place-names mentioned in a selection of medieval French-language works created or copied on the Italian peninsula from roughly 1250 to 1500.  These sixteen texts are featured on Fordham’s French of Italy website.

Mapping place-names provides a view of the texts that varies from more traditional approaches, which often focus on close reading or the examination of one particular textual tradition over time. Exploring these texts from a geographical vantage point provides a way of understanding the places medieval Italians described and imagined when they chose to write in French. Essays and a downloadable datasheet accompany the map to highlight the theoretical questions it elicits and to encourage further research.

Exploring Places in the French of Italy was archived in 02-01-2019, to access the Archiving Dossier Narrative and additional project documentation please visit