These projects engage with medieval literary texts from a variety of critical and methodological perspectives ranging from translation and textual editing, to literary-historical and socio-cultural investigations of language use in literature across geographic regions.

The French of England introduces the field of Anglo-Norman and Anglo-French texts written in the Middle Ages. This significant documentary corpus composed in the Frenches of England contains well over one thousand texts, which are the subject of much important recent work by literary scholars, linguists, and historians.

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Project Status: Active

The French of Italy project’s goal is to encourage new scholarly approaches to the French language texts composed and copied in Italy and Italian speaking regions and to the communities in which they were produced. In addition to indexing the sources, the site also links to two mapping sub-projects, interpretive essays, and a bibliography.

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Project Status: Archived

The Siege of Antioch Project presents an original digital edition and translation of a 19,500 line medieval epic covering the events of the First Crusade, especially the capture of Antioch and the subsequent battle. A collaborative effort, the Siege of Antioch Project is currently being undertaken by a team of U.K. scholars and graduate students in the Fordham Medieval Studies program. The project is ongoing and new laisses (rhymed sections of verse) are added regularly.

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The French of Outremer brings attention to French-language sources composed in the Latin East, or Outremer. In addition to essays on topics related to the uses and development of Outremer French, this website provides annotated bibliographies of primary sources and links to related web resources.

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