This page contains projects that utilize a casual writing style in short and accessible posts. For some projects the blog is the central element, while for others it provides updates on the larger project and highlights interesting features.

The Venerable Blog is the official blog of the Center for Medieval Studies at Fordham University. The blog is updated regularly with news and events from the Center.

Project Status: Active

The Medieval Londoners Blog keeps users informed about new developments in the Medieval Londoners Project, including additions to the database, posts about contributions of data, and updates on recent publications and conference papers on medieval London.

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Project Status: Active

Every spring since 2007, a group of juniors and seniors from Fordham University has walked the last 200 miles of the Camino from Léon to Santiago in northern Spain as part of an Interdisciplinary Capstone Class. The Camino Blog tracks their journeys and showcases their final projects, but also provides additional information and FAQs for prospective Study Tour students and anyone interested in the Camino.  

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Project Status: Active